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Based on the treaty by Niccolo Machiavelli

By experiencing this theatrical simulation, everyone can learn a lot not only about power, politics, and the accompanying opportunities and dangers, but also about our attitude towards power, and about the level of our “citizenship”, that is: the desire to make joint decisions on common matters.

The theatrical social simulation made by CRS (Centre for Systems Solutions) provides an opportunity to partake in democratic structures without real consequences, and to assume roles that are otherwise inaccessible.  

The form that we have adopted with the Polski Theater in the Underground is one that immerses participants in active roles within a democratically governed country. Therefore, not only do we show the universal mechanisms of power, but also invite participants to experiment with them. We don’t impose any perspectives or world views.

At first, we invite the audience to inhabit a fictional country, Nikolonia. The state is divided into three regions with different economic characteristics and social problems. Each has its own governor and banking institutions, but the law is established by a parliament on the national level. 

Events in the country are constantly commented on in the media; regular citizens also have the possibility of expressing their thoughts in TV debates. 

Players without any public duties can just focus on developing their businesses and experience various challenges linked with running a company in an ever-shifting environment.  

Niccolonia is ruled by a president with authoritarian tendencies, who nominates his ministers. 

The focal point of every performance of “The Prince” is the election at the end. It’s different every time because every participant can candidate and present his/her own program – which usually is strongly influenced by a dynamically changing situation in the country and various tensions between regions. That is how participants’ needs, priorities, and challenges shape the unpredictable ending.







© Patrick Zadrobilek, Gloria Benedikt, Mimmo Miccolis,
Hannah Kickert, Krisztian Gergeye, and Piotr Magnuszewski

Ambitious and breakthrough endeavors are the bread and butter of what we do. We always want to go the extra mile and reach another frontier. Not only in the realm of serious games and social simulations. Our portfolio includes collaborations not only with scientists, world policy makers but also with artists.

Apart from making theatrical social simulation The Prince, we’ve augmented a whole array of other theater plays and dance performances with game elements to make audiences involved in the story. As a result, they could participate in and affect the tale weaved on stage by a group of dancers.

We would love to reprise The Prince for your audience or to create a new theatrical social simulation with you, combining theater, dance, as well as other art forms.